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Our Aims and Purposes

  • To protect and promote the best interests of all Cedar Creek residents.
  • To maintain and promote improvements of Cedar Creek public spaces, facilities, and services.
  • To promote and encourage the highest degree of community spirit and to foster goodwill among our Cedar Creek neighbors.
  • To work with public officials, developers and other organizations to the betterment of our community.

Map of Cedar Creek

Map of Cedar Creek Neighborhood

Walking the Creek

A poem by Genelle Morain

If dimensional pleasure is something you seek,
I suggest you get out and start “walking the creek.”
It’s true we’ve no sidewalks (of those we’re bereft)
But our streets are quite safe if you walk on the left.
You can wear what you please; there’s no rule as to style,
Who cares about “fashion” when you’re walking a mile?
The wildlife is friendly – no panther or bear;
No wild boars or rattlers to give you a scare.
Our avian neighbors – from hummers to hawks,
Will furnish sweet music (and occasional squawks).
You’ll see blossoming bushes and flowering trees.
Honeysuckle and lilac will float on the breeze.
Contrails and clouds provide art in the sky.
Take time to philosophize: Who? What? and Why?
You’ll greet old friends and new (some with dogs) on your walk,
And you may wish to pause for a neighborly talk.
(But if you’re timing your heartbeat and counting each mile,
Just give a wave of the hand and a Cedar Creek smile).
You’ll be happier, healthier, every day of the week
If you join with your friends and start walking the Creek.