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    2022 Fall Festival is right around the corner!

    Happy Labor Day Cedar Creek Neighbors! As fall draws nearer and calendars start to fill up, please consider adding Cedar Creek’s Fall Festival to your list of family-friendly fun. We will have live music, food, crafts, games, and prizes. We will also be hosting a plant sale on Cedar Creek Court, as well as collecting canned goods for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank. Additionally, we are looking for neighbors who would like to volunteer to bring baked goods to sell and/or those who would like to volunteer to work the event. Please see this sign up link for more information: You can also contact Heather Sitler at for more information about the bake sale or volunteering.

    2023 Board Members NEEDED!

    The Cedar Creek Civic Association (CCCA, a member-funded non-profit civic organization) is the oldest continuously active civic association in Athens. The CCCA supports the 657 households in the Cedar Creek Subdivision, promoting and protecting the Community’s great quality of life by looking after the Community’s entrances, green spaces, roads, and neighborhood watch.

    The CCCA is managed through its Board. The CCCA Board is currently looking to fill a number of critical leadership positions, as of February 28, 2022. Board members are Cedar Creek residents who volunteer their time and talents to help keep the Cedar Creek subdivision a great place to live. Serving on the Board or on one of the Board’s committees does not require a lot of your time, typically 2 hours a month to attend the monthly Board meeting – which in the last two years has been a virtual Zoom meeting – and 0-2 hours a month to prepare your part in the meeting.

    Please seriously consider volunteering. If you are even mildly interested in participating, contact any of the individuals listed below to get further information. Further information on Board openings is available on the Board and Committees page.

    You CAN do this!!!

    New Board Member Recruitment Committee

    Kenneth Portier, Treasurer

    Stacy Grace, Past President

    Rick Rose, Interim President

    Denise Blevins, Membership Committee Chair

    Pete Nicholls, Transportation and Roads Committee Chair

    Heather Sitler, Social Committee Chair

    Christmas Tillotson, Neighborhood Watch Chair

    You’ll find all their contact information on the Board and Committees page.


    CCCA Board Meetings are typically held on the last Monday of each month from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. All Cedar Creek residents are invited to attend. Currently, we are holding our meetings via zoom. If you would like to attend any zoom meetings, email Ken Portier at and he will send you the link. Please contact the CCCA president with any questions.

    2022 ANTICIPATED BOARD MEETING DATES: January 23&25 (Virtual Annual Meeting), February 28, March 28, April 25, June 27, July 25, August 29, September 26, October 24, November 28, and December 19.

    Useful Phone Numbers

    706-296-1948 – Carol Myers, District 8 Commissioner for Cedar Creek (
    706-613-3342 – ACC Crime Stoppers Tip Line
    706-613-3345 – Police (non-emergency)
    706-613-3358 – Police (house-check ext. 230/235)
    706-613-3540 – ACC Animal Control
    706-613-3501 – ACC Solid Waste
    706-613-3501 – Leaf and Limb Pick Up
    706-613-3790 – Athens Clarke Code Enforcement
    706-542-8600 – Georgia Health Department
    706-546-7721 – Clarke County School District

    Online Forums

    Cedar Creek has two online forums available for residents to join (Nextdoor and Facebook) for posting information about social events, requests for recommendations, lost and found, Neighborhood Watch alerts, and community concerns. In the event of an area emergency, they can help you reach out to your neighbors for information and assistance. To join these forums at no cost, contact Christmas Tillotson (group administrator) at Please provide your name and address to verify residence as the forums are open only to Cedar Creek residents and Athens officials who have an interest in helping our community.

    Cedar Creek Swimming Pool Association Inc.
    410 Cedar Creek Drive

    Cedar Creek Swimming Pool Association (CCSPA) is an independent non-profit and is governed by its own board of directors. The goal of the CCSPA is to provide a safe and fun swimming environment for the Cedar Creek community and other residents. Registration starts in April and the pool operates from the middle of May to the middle of September.

    Why join the Cedar Creek Pool?

    • Membership is open to anyone
    • Special holiday events for you and your family
    • Swim lessons available
    • A separate baby pool with a gate
    • Both pools are saltwater chlorinated
    • Snacks and drinks on sale for thirsty and hungry kids (or bring your own)
    • Adult swim every hour
    • Can bring guests
    • Provate pool rentals available, including lifeguard
    • Grandparent special rates available for Cedar Creek residents

    For more information about joining, cost and who to contact, go to the pool website: